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Oct. 24, 2005
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Russias U.N. Officer Waits for Sentence in Pledged House
The sentence on Russias Alexander Yakovlev, a former official of the United Nations arrested in New York in July on charges of abusive practices in time of the U.N. oil-for-food program implemented in Iraq, is expected to be passed in February 2006. Yakovlevs lawyer says his client will spend three or four years in prison or win a conditional sentence.
Alexander Yakovlev, who lives in his house in New York outskirt, couldnt be reached for comment. Former U.N. official, Yakovlev, 52, was released on security of his house, which worth is estimated at $400,000. Yakovlev has been employed in various U.N. organizations since 1985 with the U.N. procurement department as the recent office.

In June, Manhattan prosecutors charged Yakovlev with having participated in launder bribes from contractors in exchange for insider information under the food-for-oil program. Yakovlev was released till the date of the verdict on acknowledgement of guilt and agreement to cooperate.

Yakovlevs lawyer Arcady Bukh doesn't think his client will have to pay back the stolen $1 million. The lawyer says Yakovlev will get from three to four years at the worst or the conditional sentence at the best. The sources familiar with the case speculate the lawyers sureness stems from the fact that Yakovlev gave away certain top-ranked officials of the U.N., including Vladimir Kuznetsov. Kuznetsov was arrested in New York in August. The first trial will be held in Manhattan in mid.-November.

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